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    Got the refrub cingular for $139 less then 30 days ago and installed 1.17 update.

    Compusa has a new for only $99 and their data plans are only $15

    My brother has Alltel.

    Someone please offer input before the 6pm Compusa Sale today...I'm thinking of doing the Sprint since I figure I would save $180 a year just on the data plan alone compared to Cingular.

    Come on follow Treocentral posters let your voice be heard and could use the following info !
    #1) what is the max data through put speed on a 650 with each carrier (used in tampabay area of florida)?
    #2) Correct to assume all three have decent to good coverage or would going to a cdma from cingluar gsm be a bad bad move.
    #3) My brother loves Alltel but then again they don't offer it for $99 and a $15 data plan.

    I have to live with the 650 for two years so figure that could be a $360 data plan savings.

    I have to make the move this evening if I do it so it would be great to get some input before the Compusa Doors open at that time.
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    I was with Cingular, then ported to Sprint. Not because of cost, although Sprint has been about 40% cheaper than Cingular, but because of coverage. GSM does not have great coverage in my building(suburban Maryland) , or at the beach (Delaware), so I had to switch in order to get any use out of my 650. Sprint has been great....but the bottom line is for you to check coverage of Cingular & Sprint in your area. If coverage is equal, then Sprint is a no brainer.
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