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    Is this thing worth the money? And can it play music through your car speakers?

    If not, what would you recommend for something like this?
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    I have a Parrot for the VZW 650. Generally it works well. The issues related to lousy bluetooth on the Treo.

    Sometimes the synching isn't automatic or the Treo will reset, but the Parrot works fine.

    Two caveats. First, don't have any pause characters like commas in your speed dial buttons. There is a bug that keeps the Treo and parrot from syncing and downloading information.

    Second, if you have a nice car and/or high-end stereo, it is difficult to wire the parrot to play through the stereo speakers without a wire harness or splicing. The car's speakers will likely each have their own amps, which causes a problem.

    The work-around is to install a separate speaker for the phone. I did this in my Audi, and it works fine. When calls come in or are made, the stereo mutes and the sound quality is pretty good.

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