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    They will have a sale from 6pm to Midnight tonight. Almost makes me want to send back my refrub Cingular unit and change over to Sprint for the cheaper data plan.

    Anyway know of a reason this would NOT be a good idea?

    Nothing wrong with the Cingluar refrub unit I got (cost $139 as many of you may know) and I got the 1.17 update to install...after a bit of trouble yesterday so guess that would be reason to keep it over a Sprint unit.

    $15 data plan compared to my $33.19 discounted Cingluar data....makes one think.

    Question -
    what is the difference between data trough put speed on a treo between Cingular and Sprint. I know Sprint is getting evdo? though don't know if a Treo can make use of that speed. What is the max kbs speed a Treo can do anyway???

    Happy Shoppping All !
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    Is this with the $250 AOL thing, where you have to sign up for AOL? Sounds like it.

    EDIT: Nope, straight up $150 each plus $50 MIR. Not bad, think i'm gonna buy two tonite.

    EDIT 2: Scratch that. This is the same deal that has been around for awhile. It requires a 2 year contract with 2 years of the new $15 Vision plan.
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    and why if I may ask would that be a bad thing...two year vision plan for $15???
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    It's a waste of $360 if you don't need the data plan.

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    true but great price if one wanted it
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    "It's a waste of $360 if you don't need the data plan."

    This is a very true statement. On the other hand, the Treo 650 is a waste of phone without a data plan. Without a data plan, you may as well get a smaller, cheaper phone.

    Sounds like a great deal if you're willing to stick with the 650 for the next couple of years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim_treo
    On the other hand, the Treo 650 is a waste of phone without a data plan. Without a data plan, you may as well get a smaller, cheaper phone.
    I wouldn't go quite that far, but using a Treo without a data plan is like only getting half of the benefit of the phone. Without a data plan, you'll still be able to enjoy tons of disconnected Palm OS apps, MP3s, video playback via TCPMP, etc. My wife doesn't make the most of her Treo 600's data plan, but she *does* use it to check on her email. In any case, I agree that the data plan (especially Sprint's) is well worth the cost.

    As to this particular deal, it certainly seems to be the best deal out right now. Two of those rebates/discounts are instant with just $50 being a mail-in. The 2-year commitment sucks, but even if you add in the possibility of a $150 early termination fee, it's still a better deal than any other Sprint Treo 650 offer.
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    Some people don't need the data plan, or only need it during certain parts of the year, and the Palm functionality certainly doesn't require it.

    Moot point anyway. I went to the Sprint store and had them PM the CompUSA add price without the data plan, since the required data plan wasn't mentioned in the add and the $50 MiR is direct from Palm. Sprint store was about 20 minutes closer too.

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