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    The new travertine flooring in our house is costing me more and more. First the floors, then the remaining rugs look old and need replaced and now......I find out you can't drop a 650 on it from about 42 inches without COMPLETELY snapping off the antenna. So, I got upset, hot synced it and decided I'll see if this is covered under SPRINT warranty. I figured, I better make it look unabused, so I decided to glue the antenna back on. Don't you know............. it works! There is a little finger of what looks like Berrylium copper on the end of the antenna. I guess it makes a slinding contact with the circuit board (appears that way) when it is put back in place. So now I think I might just keep it. (I guess I should have used something better than wood glue)

    Does SPRINT warranty cover something like this, or just defects? I think they might since it covers loss (the ultimate abuse).

    Happy Thanksgiving all
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    You can either keep your fixed phone or just buy a new antenna. There is a small screw under the little silicone cover at the base of the antenna that allows the antenna to be removed. You are correct, it is not soldered to the circuit board. You could just buy a new antenna part or just stay with your fixed antenna. I might suggest you remove it and fix it again with epoxy for longevity. I don't have Sprint, but if the damage was caused by you and it's not a defect from the factory, I doubt the warranty covers it. The replacements can be purchased for $49.99 from:
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    Thanks "o town". That was cool of you to post the link. I'll just epoxy it. I'm surprised to see an replacement antenna. (though $50 is obscene).

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Joe <><
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    You could buy a antenna off of ebay.

    Search word "treo 650 antenna"
    Cingular Branded Treo 650
    Firmware: 1.51
    Software: 1.13


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