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    I have had problems with my phone from the beginning but have lived with them. I haven't been able to sync for a few months because it freezes everytime I try to sync it.

    However, today my phone froze. I took out the battery, did a soft reset (dozens of times) and it gets to the time screen. I can turn on the phone and it occasionally will show an incoming call but when I push the phone button, calendar button or e-mail button, the screen goes blank (lit up) and stays there. No calls can come in.

    However, if I push the home button, I can see all my icons and scroll through them. I can even open some of the applications.

    Also, the touch-screen doesn't work.

    Any ideas? I can't do a hard-reset since I haven't been able to sync it. I never upgraded the firmware because I couldn't sync it either...

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    If you have a card, use a backup program to save your data, then hard reset.

    You can use a program like Pilot Install (PINSTALL) to only synch the new app to the phone (a backup program, such as backup buddy). Hopefully that will work.

    If after a hard reset you still have issues, exchange the phone.
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    Sounds like you've got a sofware conflict. What programs have you installed on your Treo?
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    I called Cingular and the guy told me to try to Hotsync the phone. I did that and now it is in a constant reset loop. I've had the phone for about 8 months and never had this problem. They have now sent me a new phone but I want to get the old data from the phone since I haven't been able to hotsync for a while. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the responses so far but I can't even get the phone to turn on now...
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    I would delete 3rd party applications until I found the one causing the problem. And don't listen to the Cingular support person. . .

    Either way, you need to hard reset. You have already let this continue too long and now you will lose your data.
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    If that's the case, there is no need to do that since they already sent me another phone. I was just hoping to recover my data...

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