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    Anyone know how I can use TomTom to plan a route across states which are cannot be found as "bundles" on the CD. What Im trying to do is to plot a route from NY to IL, but I cant find a map combo on the CD that contains both states and the states within. Is there a way around this? Thanks!
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    That's one of TomTom's major flaws in my opinion. The other is using Teleatlas maps instead of Navteq. Use the US Major Roads with Cities map, then switch to the detail state map when you get close.
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    Yea, thats what I thought, but was hoping there was another way around it. Thanks for the reply.
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    I just map a route to the edge of one state and then switch maps and continue on from there.
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    So how do you know where on the border/edge of the state to map to?
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    I simply preview the maps. Or, on one trip I mapped using Mapquest. I drove around 50 miles when the map basically ended. I then switched maps. But, since I was on a major highway, I figured I could handle it.

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