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    I just downloaded AudibleAir and in the process, the Audible PRC was "upgraded" from 2.7 to 2.7.1. When I had 2.7, I used it from the SD card without any problems. Version 2.7.1 will copy to the SD card but cannot be deleted from RAM. When I try to "move" it to the SD card using Filez, I get the following error: "Error: dmatabase Protected in Item::remove()d". Under attributes, "Resource DB" is checked--could this be what is holding it back from being deleted from RAM when the "move" function is attempted? Any other suggestions? I like Audible, but maybe not enough for it to occupy 600+K in RAM.
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    I had a similar problem and I finally exited my ZLauncher and went to the native Palm Delete menu and got it to delete then reinstalled it. I did get it to move to the card although I ought to look again to see that it isn't sticking in RAM.
    I was impressed with how well AudibleAir worked. I was able to get my booklist and download an hour of listening away from my computer. It did make me glad to have the absurdly expensive unlimited data plan--at $15 a Mb that hour would have cost $45.
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    Which files can you run from the card, Audible (player) or AudibleAir or both?
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    Both via ZLauncher
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    Both via ZLauncher.
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    UPDATE: I did uncheck "Resouce DB" in Filez and it now "moves" so the SD card when using Launcher X (and actually is deleted from RAM). Seems to be working fine.
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    I am so glad that I found this thread since I've been struggling with the same issue--- just downloaded Audible but I can't remove it from RAM or uninstall it. I get the "protected" message.

    I have tried deleting the files using FIle Z and they are still in RAM and I tried unchecking the "DB" box using Zlauncher and it won't uncheck.

    How do you uncheck the DB box?

    How do you exit Zlauncher and delete the program?

    I can't wait to use this program.

    Thanks for your help.

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    If you go to the drop down menu, under "App" hit "Exit." You will then be in the Palm Launcher. Once again in the menu hit "Delete" and a list of applications will appear. Delete the ones you want to and the application and associated files are supposed to be deleted.
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    Thanks tts52 for the quick response and information about how to delete the Audible program.

    Can you also let me know how to uncheck the system "DB" attribute or whatever is necessary to enable the Audible program to be moved through Zlauncher to the card and not stay in RAM. I can get it to move but it leaves a copy in RAM.

    Your help will save me the time I am spending fiddling with this with no success.


    PS- I have gotten the program to work and am listening to the Da Vinci Code and it is terrific.

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