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    can someone help.. my phone hangs and it also turns off very qucikly when i check for contacts. my friend told me to upgrade the firmware but i dont know how. i have an unlocked treo 650 from cingular, it is blue with the cingular logo. firmware is 01.31. how do i install the new firmware to fix this and which firmware do i use.. assistance is needed urgently.

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    You could update to software version 1.17 and see if that helps...
    go to,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(38344)

    look for cingular..
    and follow the instructions...
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    nope still the same...
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    Sounds like you need to hard reset.
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    tI just ran the update, and I did the first step by hotsyncing. That went through fine. Now it's at Step 2, and it says:

    Congratulations! Your device has been successfully backed up.

    The updater will copy all required files to your device. This step will take approximately 2 minutes.


    Don't disconnect your device, or touch the screen until you're directed to do so.

    The installer just stopped here and the treo is also doing nothing. Should I kill the task and try again? when i check the update it is still the old one.

    how do i do a hard reset?

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    kill the install app and try again... make sure your sd card is removed..
    you can get more help reading through the following link/thread...

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