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    I'm jealous to death of the Formel1 ringtone on my wife's Nokia. (Not jealous at all of the Nokia of cause )

    Is it possible to get an excact copy of Nokia ringtones/SMS-tones and use them on my Treo650? Preferably without having to buy any 3rd party software to do so - then I think I could live with my wifes teasing

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    Can you record the ringtone into MP3 and load it to your Treo?
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    It's a Ferrari V10 in mp3 format.
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    If you think the Ferrari sound clip is good, listen to the 1953 BRM F1 1.5ltr 16cyl. SC sound clips, found here:

    I've got one of them (can't remember which one) reserved just for my F1 buddy.
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    to each his own but man that's an annoying ringtone.

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