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    I have a friend I have been trying to turn onto TREO, but I am not sure if it is the right phone for her uses....what would you say are the top 3 phones at the current time that would make her happy?



    Hi, as you asked me to be specific,

    here are my thoughts on what I think I need in terms of a cell phone
    Must* Have************************* Nice to Have************* Totally Optional
    Sync w/MS Outlook for************ camera*********** ******************* music
    *** calendar & contacts***************email capable******************* games
    International Use*********************** Voice/memo recorder***** video
    Wireless/Bluetooth Capable******PDA/Palm
    Speakerphone******************************Internet access/messaging
    Sizeable phone book (250+)*******Voice dialing
    ******************************************************* color screen
    ******************************************************* infrared
    Additional info you need to know
    travel internationally 20%
    I am partial to Nokia but will consider other manu's
    I am already a longtime Cingular customer but am pretty pissed at them right now- the reception is bad even in my home.
    My only other option for GSM carriers is T Mobile
    My current phone has a SIM card
    My next major electronics purchase after this phone is an I-pod (either a U2 special edition, a NANO or the new one w/video) (could a treo do this?)
    I would prefer never to have to carry a Palm Pilot and prefer devices with keyboards
    Price is not a factor
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    Treo 650 or Imate KJAM/Qtek 9100
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    thanks, can you be specific as to why please?
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    Because those are the two devices which meet your friend's criteria.

    Sync with Outlook, Bluetooth, Speaker Phone, GSM Quad Band, Large Phone Book, prefers devices with keyboard.

    Your friend may want to try this:

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