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    I have been looking for a very simple application that allows me to set the sound prefs on my treo 650. I am aware of SPM(profiles) by milan and it get's the job done but I dislike the use of resources (it brings my speed test down by over 20 secs) and Kill Sound is bothersome due to the inherent scheduling function and inability to simply select one profile and then another after consecutive days of use (the profiles are on a date/time schedule). If there are any developers out there I would be willing to pay for this simple application or if anyone know of such an app that I just haven't found any help would be aprpeciated.
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    ProfileCare sounds like what you are looking for.
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    I have tried that as well and it is a resource bastar$. It has amazing functionality but much more than I require. In this case simpler is better.

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