Did the battery swap Friday, installed a 2000mAh battery. I left the T600 plugged in so i didn't loose any data. Worked like a charm. Since Friday my battery has been steady at 100% w/o charging. That is until this morning when the battery went DEAD 0% charge. No warning at all just from 100% to dead

I pluged it in and had lost all my data.

Luckily my wife was able to post the .prc file to my backup software on my website. I downloaded it on to the T600 and with in a few minutes everything was back to pre dead Battery status.

In case anybody needs a good Back up software, right backup is awesome. backs up everything to the SD card.

Oh, hey, the good news is, I didn't drop a single call or have a single freeze or reset even while the battey was below 50%!!!