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    I installed OnCradle recently, but then decided not to keep it after using it for a week. I used Uninstall manager to remove it, but I have discovered that the Treo 650 still stays on when in a cradle, whether it is the charging cradle or in my Seidio car cradle.

    I know that there must be a file on the Treo that is hot synced across, as if I do a hard reset it is ok, but then do a hot sync and the 'error' reappears.

    Anybody any ideas other than hard reset & reinstall everything 1 by 1?
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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    Are you using StopDim version 1.14? Had the same problem, only worse. Treo would stay on even out of the cradle unless I manually turned off the screen. Once I deleted StopDim everything is back to normal.
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    I'm not sure about OnCradle, but STOIC (Stay-On-In-Cradle) requires that you disable it before deleting it...

    I wonder if you need to reinstall it, disable it and then remove it?

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