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    Is it possible to copy the "contacts" (i.e. the address book) and the calendar to the SD card? Or the SD card is only there to store pics and mp3s and software?

    Many thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by aanton
    Is it possible to copy the "contacts" (i.e. the address book) and the calendar to the SD card?
    You can't move the Contacts or Calendar apps to the card; they're in ROM - which means that they don't take up any RAM space, so moving them wouldn't buy you anything, anyway. You could copy their databases to the card, but the apps wouldn't see the data and would just create new, empty databases in RAM.
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    Many thanks! What I am interested in is exactly to have the databases to the card and the apps actually being able to "see" them. So this would mean a practically unlimited space to store perhaps thousands of contacts and years of calenda entries without the restriction of the free RAM space.

    So this is not possible? The card is therefore to be used only for apps, photos, MP3s...

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    You could keep most other applications and data on SD card and keep a nearly limitless contacts and calendar database in local memory. Remember that coming up on ten years ago the original Pilot organizer with 256k of stored memory advertized holding thousands of contacts and appointments.

    The treo 650 has right about 100x the user accessable memory storage.

    As a refernce, I have msot of my calendar for the last 6 years on my treo and the performance hit is getting annoying. The Palm Datebook wasn't intended to carry years and years of calendar info. It'll do it, but you start to see lag at points.
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    Backing up to address your original concern - I have about 1000 contacts (many with some form of picture id) and dbScan shows almost 6000 appointments in my palm. These combined files are less than 1MB of storage. You could go ten times that and still have space to spare for all the other cool things the treo can do.

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