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    My girlfriend has recently gotten a Treo 600. She usually holds the phone close to her face and keeps accidently hanging up on people.

    Is there any software out there that makes hanging up a little harder?

    Any ideas?

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    In Preferences>Keyguard you will find an option to "disable touchscreen" while on a call.

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    Or completely kill the screen while on a call with something like Treo Guard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wahooka

    . . . She usually holds the phone close to her face . . .
    Probably smushing it against her ear in a vein attempt to hear the other end of the conversation. Might want to try volumecare in addition to disabling the touchscreen while on a call.
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    I used to have the same prob and found the disable screen feature. Havent yet had to deal with an incoming call, so I dont know if it allows you to use the touch screen to swap between calls. Annoying fact is after you end a call that you dialed, it asks if you want to save the number. If you want to select "yes" you can't because the touchscreen is disabled. Butler will allow you to disable the touch screen, and has a check off box to enable the screen by pressing "s"

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