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    I'm having a problem getting my calendar to sync on my treo 650 with Verizon. Contacts, email, tasks are all syncing.

    Any ideas?
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    What version of Outlook? Check Custom... (when you click on the HotSync icon in system tray) and make certain that it's set to "syncronize the files" for Calendar.
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    After every HotSync, my CALENDAR changes to "Do nothing". Why does this happens? I have to change it "Sync the files" everytime. I also check the "set as default" box.

    I also use Versamail to "Exchange Active Sync" with my work.

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    VersaMail EAS turns off the calendar at every sync. It prevents you from duplicating your entire calendar since you are choosing to sync it via the EAS functionality which is available wirelessly only.
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