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    Quote Originally Posted by WMILLER64111
    I have installed 1.17G/1.51 and have a new issue since the update.

    When I turn the screen off it flickers. I get a flash on the entire screen at random intervals ranging from 2 seconds to about 35 seconds. By flicker, I mean that the screen is entirely dark and then the entire screen goes white for a small fraction of a second.

    Anybody else having this issue?

    I have installed:

    Docs to Go
    Keyboard (the utility to use the bluetooth keyboard)
    Keycaps (Disabled)
    PXA Clocker (Disabled)
    VeriChat (off)
    Volumecare (Enabled)

    I also have the network hack installed, but the flicker began before the install.

    Just did a soft reset, left the radio off, and turned the screen off. Still flickers.
    From the After the Update Troubleshooting section of Palms download page:
    Smartphone screen turns on every 30-60 seconds

    This is an issue identified with the Palm Universal Keyboard driver. You will need to turn the keyboard application off when not using the keyboard.
    Press Home .
    Launch the Keyboard application.
    Select Off.

    Does that stop the screen "flicker"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdan333
    aprasad - Dangit, you're right. The 30-second-off bug has returned.

    The really odd thing is, I had it when I initially ran the 1.15 upgrade. I was developing an app to fix it, and the bug spontaneously went away on my phone so I never finished the near-completed app (because I couldn't test it anymore).

    Back to the drawing board. <sigh>
    That stinks big time. I'm waiting for the ROW release. . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Could someone else verify that despite the blurb on the firmware update site, the Treo will still Auto-off after 30 seconds once a phone call of greater than 30 sec is made?

    Thet long phone call ends up blanking the screen and changing the auto-off setting internally. Just like the buggy previous formware...


    No here. Im running CNG and mine stays at 3min timeout always.
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    WTF is going on here? Mine is hardware A. What about yours?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    I winder if this is a setting in Saved Preferences that doesn't get fixed if you restore it from backup ...

    MedicWill: Did you start with a hard reset and re-install applications? Or restore from backup (Hotsync or 3rd party) after the ROM update?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Anyone notice a HUGE increase in headphone volume? I am using a wired headphone and pTunes.

    This increase is way more than the volume increase from the phone handset (during phonecalls).
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Color me confused...

    Now my phone is behaving correctly as far as power-off timing is concerned, even after I have deleted the 3rd party PowerOff from the phone.


    Maybe some setting somewhere had to be set and reset :-)

    I consider this bug "fixed" !!
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Anyone else having problems with Profiles 1.01?

    I just tried to use it with the new FW and it slowed me down from 112 to 3334 in palminternals!!

    Anyother good free profile managers?
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    Took it out and im back to 111 ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mistercoffee1
    Any random crashing or resets with anyone?
    No crashes in over 24 hours! Bluetooth better with the Sony HBH-300 headset (quicker connect and louder), Better calcullator? (Did the old caluclator have a choice for Financial, statistics, etc.?). Blazer is faster. Overall, the software seems to run faster. I'm happy so far, although the installation wasn't exactly smooth. My Backupbuddy 2 didn't seem to get along well. I had to do the separate user name installation used on previous firmware upgrades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SAKozicki
    Better calcullator? (Did the old caluclator have a choice for Financial, statistics, etc
    Calc already had these functions
  12. boc
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    Just updated and it seems to have gone smoothly. I had the iSync conduit disabled for some reason so I lost some contacts with the hard reset but that's my fault. We'll see how it goes over the next few days.
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    I've noticed that Battery life is not quite as good. Not exactly the turbo battery drain, but I'm probably 3 - 4% lower at the end of the day. This is without using Bluetooth, IR, Versamail, and screen at same setting as previous. Just some phone calls, calendar, and billiards.
    I updated with a fully charged battery, so I don't believe the calibration would be off.
    Overall, pretty happy though.
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    For anyone reading this thread that hasn't updated yet, you will need your power cord. I got half-way through the update and had to run home to get mine. I couldn't find a way around it.
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    I learned that the hard way too. Heh. Tried it again later w/ the cord with no ill effects.
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    So far, so good with the updated software!

    I've noticed increased speed going from app to app. Also, I'm on day 5 without a freeze (though this could rear its head still... If after 10 days there's no freeze, I'll assume it's been corrected, which would be awesome). Finally, my pre-programmed voicemail works properly now (I have no idea why, but who cares why?!). Previously, my preinstalled VM number wouldn't dial/connect properly. I had to make a work-around button that dialed my VM number correctly. This was ok, but I couldn't access VM by holding "1", nor could I access VM by hitting the "Go to VM" prompt after a missed call. Now, I CAN do all of that.

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    After reading all of the experiences both good and bad associated with the upgrade to 1.17 I decided to jump in feet first.

    The entire upgrade took about 12 minutes start to finish and the only additional steps required were to download Voice Dial from my installation CD and pair my Motorola HS850 with the phone again. I followed all on-screen instructions during the upgrade.

    The phone is faster. Screens turn on faster. Programs open quicker. The Bluetooth connection with my headset is much, much faster and the connection is established automatically with my headset if the boom is open and I dial a number or receive an incoming call. All audio outputs seem both louder and clearer.

    Just one issue so far. I use the Avant Go Pylon conduit to sync my Lotus Notes mail and calendar and I now have duplicate entries for every appointment and it's not clear to me how to resolve it.
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    Took the damn thing off.
    this is by far the worest firmware.
    Im going to 1.43 or 1.13
    this is just stupid. about 6 resets a day.
    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camel
    Took the damn thing off.
    this is by far the worest firmware.
    Im going to 1.43 or 1.13
    this is just stupid. about 6 resets a day.
    interesting...I suspect you have some other issue that is manifesting itself with this firmware...I've had just about every Cingular Firmware (including betas) and this is the best yet IMHO
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    Probably a program which is misbehaving that perhaps didn't before.. But if it's off, how can you tell...
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