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    This is Seidio's another ALL-IN-ONE GPS solution for the Treo 650. The charging cradle includes an integrated SiRF Star III Chipset, and this GPS solution is designed to be fully compatible with Bluetooth headset. This means no more bulky GPS receivers with nowhere to mount them, fewer cables, and 3D captures in less than 60 seconds. Combined with the included Tom Tom software, you're ready to hit the road – and know EXACTLY where you are – and where you're going at all times!

    INTEGRATED GPS CRADLE: liberates you from extra wires and external GPS receivers
    SiRF Star III GPS CHIPSET: 3D captures from GPS in less than 60 second!
    CHARGE BLUETOOTH HEADSET: charge your Bluetooth headset in the car with an optional cable from G2350

    Please contact or visit our website at for more information on this product.
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    Uh... so what is the difference between this and the G4500 besides the BT headset support, speakerphone etc? I think you guys need to make a simple comparison chart for all your kits b/c it's getting hard to figure out which one does what...
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    Both G2350 and G4850 are integrated GPS (SiRF STAR III) cradles. G4850 has a builtin speaker, G2350 does not. G2350 is designed to be fully compatiable with BT headsets (so, there is no built in speaker). G4500 is G4850 builtin GPS less. G4500 has everything G4850 has, but no GPS built in.

    If you are a big fan of Blue tooth headset, G2350 is an ideal GPS car kit for you. If you already GPS software, just get G2350 car kit, if you do not have the software, you can get G2350 Navigational kit that comes with Tomtom 5.

    We will have a comparison chart out shortly.

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    I recently upgraded from the Original Seidio G2500 cradle to the latest G4850 until w/Built in GPS and posted a review here
    G4850 Review
    Since I’d commented on the GSM/Bluetooth issues that affect the G4850, Seidio was kind enough to send me a G2350 to play with. After using it for a while (and swapping between the two) I decided to post of a review of it also. (I copied from my G4850 review where things are the same). There is also a picture at the bottom.

    Quick Summary.
    The G2350 is the baby brother of the G4850 (and at a lower pricepoint). It provides a nice charging cradle and has the built in GPS receiver like the G4850 but lacks the external Mic, Amplified Speaker and Audio Output capability. Also, since it doesn’t have the Audio Output capability it gets around the flaw in the GSM/Bluetooth implementation so that you can use a B/T Headset with the cradle if you have a GSM Phone (CDMA users can use a B/T headset in all the cradles)

    Fit/Finish – Sturdy and attractive (for a cradle), the same color as the G4850 and a little shorter/thinner. The design is similar with the exception of the front since it lacks the speaker that is on the G4850. I found it pretty easy to insert/remove the Treo and it does a good job of holding the Treo in place. In addition, you also have access to the Antenna port on the Treo if you want to use it (it was blocked with the original G2500 cradle)

    Mounting – It comes with a swivel base, along with both suction and airvent mounts that can be used to mount it in any vehicle.
    G2350 Mounts
    I have a proclip mount for my SUV and was able to connect the seidio swivel base to the proclip mount and could swap between the cradles in seconds. I’d recommend using a proclip if they make a custom version for your vehicle. Proclip Website

    Power – It comes with a cigarette adapter that plugs into the DC input. You can also buy an optional hardwire cable that plugs in the DC input and can be connected directly into your vehicle’s electrical system. I bought this cable and soldered it into the power lead that feeds into the back of my cigarette lighter. This makes the installation much cleaner (no big plug in your Cigarette adapter). The cradle provides power to the Treo and GPS receiver along with having a DC Output Jack that you can use to power another device (such as charging certain B/T Headsets)

    External Speaker – The G2350 does NOT have an external speaker so all of the Audio comes through the treo’s speaker. I found that worked fine for hearing the GPS commands. You can also listen to music or take calls through the treo speaker, but as you can imagine the limit is the volume/quality of the Treo speakerphone. If you just want GPS and use a B/T headset then this works fine, on the other hand if you want to play MP3 and/or do speakerphone calling then consider going with the G4850

    Microphone – There is no way to use the G2350 with an external mic. You can take calls using the Treo’s built in mic, but again this unit is really for B/T headset users that also want GPS.

    Audio Out Jack – The G2350 does not support Audio out (other than a B/T headset for calling. As you can read in my G4850 review, I have the audio output of that unit wired directly to my car stereo so I can listen to MP3s.

    GPS Receiver – Like the G4850, this unit has a built in SIRF III gps receiver which is a great addition. I already had TomTom and had been using a portable Bluetooth GPS Receiver (BT-338) but I must say having the GPS built into the cradle (and the cradle handling the serial connection) is even better The Seidio GPS receiver is very quick to sync up (~50sec when I turn on the car in the morning and ~5 sec if I’ve driven the car within the last few hours since it’s storing the last Satellite info) and it very sensitive (even though the cradle is at the bottom of my center console it locks up just fine). With my portable GPS, I always needed to have it in the car and had to remember to turn it on before I needed it (as well as keeping it charged) so the best part of the GPS Cradle is it’s always ready when you start your software (TomTom or otherwise).

    Issues – Everything seemed to work as advertised

    Overall Impression – This also seems like a nice cradle that fits the Treo well, keeps it charged and should work out well for people looking to use the Treo for an In-Car Navigation system and use BlueTooth Headsets.
    Again, you will also want to look at the G4850 (which I’ll continue using) since it provides the additional features that allow you to connect the Treo into your car audio system as an MP3 player and a Speakerphone.

    It looks very similar to the photos I posted in my G4850 review that is linked at the top
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hello, thanks for the review. I'm interested in getting the G4850. The one question I have is: If the Tom Tom maps are read off of the SD card and I also have some MP3's on that card, can I have bot working at the same time? Can I listen to my MP3's while using the maps or can I only do one at a time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by itlogic
    Hello, thanks for the review. I'm interested in getting the G4850. The one question I have is: If the Tom Tom maps are read off of the SD card and I also have some MP3's on that card, can I have bot working at the same time? Can I listen to my MP3's while using the maps or can I only do one at a time?
    Yes, you can store both on the same SD Card (I have a 1Gb card w/150k of maps and the rest is MP3/WMA music) and Yes, you can use both at the same time

    I use Pocket Tunes (Real works also) and it plays through the stereo...When I start TT, the music keeps playing (in background mode) and the TT GPS Commands just play over the music (you can adjust the level in TT to set the volume level that the Commands play in relation to the music)
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    Cool thanks! I was just conserned that access to the SD card could only be use for one thing at onr time. Sounds perfect. Thanks again!
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    I'm really impressed with my G2350 but the only problem is that my unit is not working properly. Hopefully Seidio will make the return process as painless as possible but we'll see. Having a cradle for a car is by far the best way to go and when the unit is working (every once in a while, must be a broken connection or something inside) it locks onto the satellites very well. Combined with the Tomtom software this setup really rocks!

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