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    I have a Sprint Treo 650, with TT5 (v5.12), and the TT BT GPS unit. Since I normally reside in California, I purchased HK maps for my vacation this week.

    1) The maps were quite expensive (30 euros). I can understand that the demand is low for these types of maps so higher prices can be expect but still... However, to make matters worse, no POI were included with the HK maps. One of the key selling points for the downloadable maps were the included POI, but HK there are none. I searched on the net and I couldn't find any POI for TT HK maps, anyone else have any suggestions here? I do have a Fodor HK book, so I'm not totally lost without things to see, but it would be nice if they were in the TT HK5 maps.

    2) Since I have a CDMA phone and I am travelling in Hong Kong, there is no CDMA network. So naturally to preserve battery life, I turn off my phone. Well everytime I launch TT(v5.12), it keeps turning the phone back on. Can someone else try this? Turn off your phone, then start TT to see if it will automatically start up the phone. Another thing to note, that after I turn off my phone, TT becomes incredibly unstable and seems to crash about 50% of the time. Any suggestions on how to keep the phone off when starting TT?

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