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    I am looking for an e-mail client that will let me check about 3 or 4 different accounts, but not dump them all into 1 "inbox" - I would like each account's incoming mail to go to it's own folder, area, or whatever. Just as a way to tell what messages are for which account.

    I guess an added bonus would be to be able to specify which account(s) are checked each time a send/receive is done, whether automatically or by a manual send/receive.

    Does this exist? I have not even looked at the built-in app (isn't that VersaMail?) because I have heard it is not very good, and that once you set it up, you can't un set it up.
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    ChatterEmail does all this.

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    Yes I would absolutely have to recommend Chatter Email. You set up as many different mailboxes as you want.. you can also view them in Summary mode, which shows all the mail, color coded for each box. Not to mention the 23948204398237423 other things it does. $32 ? I couldn't pay Marc fast enough.
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    Versamail is good
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    Snappermail will do these things as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redy2Rumble
    Versamail is good
    Versamail is bad

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