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    I`ve tried different acceleration programs and only ecohack actually worked on my VDX. With FastCPU and Afterburner problem is the same: I set all the options, tap "Ok" and it gives me FatException. With CruiseControll: I set it to "Fast", check Benchmark, it shows me 145% as usual. I set it to slow, it gives me 98% (or 89%, don`t remember exactly) - I don`t see speed boost. Does anybody know what could be a reason?
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    I found afterburner conflicted with hacks and avantgo on my vdx, causing fatal exceptions as you described.

    Cruise Control works by reducing "wait states", pauses between cpu cycles. The reason you did not see any gain, is that Handspring already eliminated unnecessary wait states when they adapted the Palm OS for visor.

    There are many threads on the discussion board that can provide more information about enhancing processor speed. Do a search on "afterburner" or "processor speed".

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