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    Just received a refurbished treo 650 from cingular last week and my treo has seized up 2 times: touch screen stops working, then the keys stop working or become sluggish. The first time, the phone became stuck on two favorite buttons at the same time and started dialing those. It seems that if I leave the battery out long enough my phone returns to normal (rather than popping it out and back in).
    Is this what others mean when they way their treo freezes? Just reading through Treocentral forums and this appears to happen often and am I right in saying there is no real solution yet? I can't really link the problem to anything like poor reception and the only software that was added was goodlink by the IT dept at work. Is it worth it to return my phone in to attempt another one?

    Thanks for any help in advance...
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    If the buttons are sticking, and you have a completely fresh (empty Treo), then it is obvisouly the buttons that are causing the Treo to freeze. This is a hardware issue, and I would suggest you take it back and get an exchange...
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