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  • My Bible

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  • Ebible

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  • Olive Tree

    24 47.06%
  • Palm Bible plus

    3 5.88%
  • Other, please specify

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    in terms of speed, content, commentary notes, etc.

    If other, please specify what it is.

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    Never use them. I have my own print for easier reading and my church provides one under the bench. Also, hotels have them, so I'm happy.

    What do you use?
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    My vote goes to BibleReader by Olive Tree. It's quick and (obviously) always within reach.
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    Olive tree bible reader allows you to highlight and take notes that attach to a verse. It also has search ability by word or phrase. Free version like the NKJV are available as well as pay versions like the NIV. In all about 30 versions to pick from. It also supports split screens, colors, fonts.
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    Olivetree has also incorporated the always useful Daily Reading schedule as well. Up till now, I have subsisted on the ASV/MKJV (free) to accompany the free reader appl. (Yes, I like the fact that you can track 2 versions verse by verse...)

    But, as soon as I get my next new phone (hopefully a WM5 HTC Wizard), I will finally spring for one of the paid collections. I would like to spend more time in deeper study.

    Historical note: The "original" bible reader I used on my original palm was "Scripture", which is the precursor of MyBible...why the original webpage is still up!

    But back to Olivetree, which offers readers for just about any platform, including Blackberries and Symbian...
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    I like OliveTree and have been using it for a while. I also bought the $4 Nave's topical index add-on.

    The only issue I have with it: I can't seem to find a way to quickly navigate to a particular verse in the chapter I'm already in; that is, without starting over again and choosing the Book, and Chapter again first.

    Other than that, I find it to be a great and stable (and cost effective) program!

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    Olive Tree for sure

    Only draw back: I have the KJV with Strong's. The reader used to include a function that allowed you to quickly search for a Strong's entry. Now you have to search for the number, then find a verse that uses it, then click the word. I was told that the original functionality might come back.
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    Tried Bible+ and MyBible, But i want to be able to highlight specfic things, like words (my bible only allows for the highlighting of entire verses), and write notes at specific points in the bible,

    So it kind of replaces the highlighting people do in most bibles?
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    I can highlight just words with MyBible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scsanden
    I can highlight just words with MyBible.
    Also offers split screen (even up to 3 different texts open at a time with tiny fonts ). Very fast, regularly updated, courteous customer support, lots of bibles to choose from... MyBible gets my vote! They already have my money
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    I use the same bible that Jehovah's Witnesses use. THE NWT
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    I use Mark My Scriptures. It has good speed and you can mark it many different ways. Great support as well. It also has a destop utility to create your own texts.
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    I also have been a Laridian customer for years with My Bible. They actually give you prompt, courteous, no hassle service and the product is regularly updated. I own versions for the PPC (wife) and Palm - both are excellent.
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    I have used Laridian's MyBible it seems like forever...great product! I love the fact I have the entire NIV study Bible, can hightlight, type in notes about a verse, etc. It's a great program, i highly recommend it.
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    Looks like the results of this poll and discussion are pretty even between My Bible and Olive Tree. But this poll and all of the rest of the posts that I can find on related to bible readers for the Palm OS are from 2003 to 2005. Now three to five years later, I'm looking for a good Bible reader for my Centro.

    I realize that there is a lot of speculation regarding Palm and Palm OS and if it will even survive, but the Centro has been the best (fastest and most stable) Palm smart phone I have ever had and I plan to stick with it through 2009 before making a move. Hopefully the move will be to a Palm / Nova device.

    So... I'm looking for current opinions and suggestions for a good Bible reader for my Centro. Here are the features that I'm looking for:

    1. NIV translation
    2. Highlight text
    3. Add comments
    4. Add Bookmarks
    5. Search
    6. Run from the SD card
    7. Reference material

    Your opinions would be much apreciated.
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    Hi everyone

    As a minister of religion I have tried all the bible programs. One not mentioned is Quickverse for Palm which is a worthy contender but not the best in my opinion.

    Just recently MyBible version 5 was released. It is now clearly the best in my opinion because it provide two ways to view bibles/commentaries etc. The usual split screens are still available but now you can elect to have 3 tabs across the top of the screen for full screen viewing of each resource. Auto scrolling is now added as well. If you get Pocketbible for Windows you will find you can download all of your palm resources for free as Windows versions and also you can synchronise your notes between the desktop and palm versions.

    I used MyBible on my treo 650 and now on my Centro. It is incredibly stable and reliable. I did a race with two members of my congregation who use different bible programs on their pda/smartphones and I found bible references much quicker than them. I use Mybible in small group bible studies all the time and can find and navigate scriptures and synchronised references quickly without ever taking out my stylus. This is especially improved with the new tab interface and the use of shortcut keys.

    I also rate MyBible highly for having a much better quality of resources available than the competition. So much is offered in bible software these days that are simply public domain (so old they are out of copyright) but MyBible does add, I think, the best range of additional resources that are more recent and of a good quality.

    I disagree with one reviewer about the frequency of Mybible updates. They come not as fast as one would like but Laridian listens to comments from its users and often incorporates them into the next version. Their policy appears to be one that ensures the updates are bug free rather than rapidly deployed which I appreciate. I have never found a bug with MyBible.

    I don't work for Laridian or anything (I live in Australia) but I can not more highly recommend MyBible as simply brilliant in its latest incarnation. (version 5).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhlb View Post
    ...Just recently MyBible version 5 was released. It is now clearly the best in my opinion....
    Thanks for your opinion and insight rhlb. I'll go take a look at MyBible version 5.
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    Long-time user of MyBible here (since the Treo 180). Each release of the MyBible reader is $10 . Since I started with v2 and recently bought v5, I had now invested $65 on MyBible with the NIV. I like MyBible for the small footprint, intuitive UI and speed.
    However, the freeware Bible+ is way ahead in the implementation of notes. Notes can be made in two places (annotations to bookmarks and personal notes). Annotations to bookmarks is nice. I start with short descriptions of the bookmarks- helps to know what the bookmarks are about. Bible+ allows export of notes to memo. Really helpful to "string" together notes from a sermon, for example, - cut and paste into DTG. It would be nice if there is a choice to export notes to memo or to a document in DTG.
    Bible+ can only be used with Bible versions in the public domain. It works with references that are also available in the public domain, but I have no experience with this feature. I only read the Bible occasionally. I do not do anything that requires the use of references.
    I would give up MyBible if Bible+ could be used with the NIV.
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    I only have experience with OliveTree and I dont have any complaints.

    I only wish that they had the "New Living Translation" Life Application Study Bible version.

    I cant seem to find it for OT.
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