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    I found a great Exchange host, They were kind enough to set up a sample account to confirm that IMAP access works, so I can use Chatter until the OWA plug-in is up to speed.

    My question: now that I have a Exchange, I'd like to do Calendar synch via ActiveSync in Versamail. Can I configure Versamail to do calendar synch without retrieving email, since I already have Chatter?
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    That's what I do. I use Chatter for my email from two IMAP servers (home, office where the office server is an Exchange 2003 server) and also my gMail account. I setup Versamail to sync with the same Exchange 2003 server but with minimal settings (just grab headings, low retention, etc.) but to include the calendar (ensure that calendar sync is disabled in Hotsync or PocketMirror). You might want to limit the syncing in Versamail to only a few times a day as well.

    Make sure you set Chatter as the "real" default email program so the phone application, for example, shows new messages from Chatter and NOT from Versamail.

    Works like a charm for me. I often have the Treo sitting in the cradle but don't always sync up when I grab it and hit the road so its nice to know that any new calendar entries will make their way to the Treo in a short time even if I don't sync.
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    It's reassuring to know that you use and like the same configuration, and that you like it!

    I guess it's not possible to shut down Versamail entirely, and just synch the calendar. When you talk about minimal settings, I'm assuming you limit them to Subject only, 1day history, and a 5kb message size?

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