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    Quote Originally Posted by ike301
    -didnt buy it yet.
    -i was hoping the kit had a cord that sync'd AND charged. but i guess not.

    thanks for clearing it up. i just didnt want to have to buy the kit, buy the car charger adaptor, then realize i still had to buy a CHARGE USB cord.

    these palm guys are really smart.
    The sync cable doesn't charge, but a charge cable is included in the cradle package. You don't have to buy any extra cords to use the cradle because they both come with it.
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    well, i just bought a cradle, a car adaptor and a charge and sync code.... not bad. 20% off the store on this forum.... $55 out the door. i mean, i can alternate the charge and sync for on the go and for car. the USB charger could save me....
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    I got the palm travel cable and I noticed that it charges my treo! l Its real slow though, like 10 percent everyfew hours.

    How does this compare to those usb chargers that plugs into the power port? faster slower?
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    Go to first page of this thread and look for Kevin Michael's post, the charging is really slow using the palm travel cable.
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    yes you can but you have to buy a 3rd-party equipment to do it.
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    try brando brand
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    brando has 2 kinds, the one with switch or without switch....i prefer the one with switch
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    The Brando one is called the "Syncdicator". I've purchased one for every Palm PDA I've owned. They work very nicely.
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    The Seidio retractable sync/charge cable works rather nicely for me.

    I even clipped off the center plug next to the charge plug and use it for the Treo headset also. That center plug looked like it is for added support and gets in the way if you want to plug the Treo headset in for charging. Clipping it off works for both Treo and headset.

    I have a car-outlet to usb power adaptor (from a PDA before). I plug my Seidio into that for charging in the car. Work very nicely.

    So I need only one tiny retractable cable when I am on the road, sync and charge both Treo and headset. Works in cars with the adaptor...
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