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    I would appreciate your help in confirming the presence of bugs in Date Book+ in all Visor models. The bugs pertain to what are probably hardly used features in Date Book+ To Do management, but they are no less annoying for those individuals who wish to use them.

    The first affects the showing of To Do priorities in Date Book+. Regardless of whether the checkbox to "Show Priority" in the To Do Preferences is checked, To Do priorities will always show.

    The second affects the showing of To Dos before their due dates. Regardless of whether the checkbox "Show Dated Items" is checked and any number of days is selected in the drop-down menu, To Do items will never show before the day their due. They will only appear on their due dates.

    I would appreciate any help in confirming these bugs on your Visors of any model. As far as I know, these bugs are not model specific and affect the Handspring-licensed date book software that Pimlico made specifically for Handspring.

    Thank you.
    Please disregard the above. A Handspring tech support rep who finally knows what I was getting at responded to me and clued me in. The issues are NOT bugs, but the initial response from an outsourced tech support for Handspring seemed to indicate that these problems were indeed bugs.

    In the case of the the priority show/hide, it is to show/hide in the Week view only. In the day view, priorities are made to always show.

    In the case of the advance viewing, the problem I was having was that To Dos did not show up on any previous day that was not actually "today." In other words, a To Do set with a deadline tomorrow and an advance view of three days would only show up today, with a "1" preceding the entry indicating one more day to the deadline. If I were to go back one day from today, to yesterday, I would not see the To Do, even though the advance view was set to three days.

    I apologize for sending everyone on a wild goose chase.

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    I can definitely confirm the priority problem. I actually never noticed before but you're absolutely right, the priority shows regardless of whether I have 'Show Priority' checked.
    However, I was unable to duplicate the 'Show Dated Items' problem. That check box and accompanying drop down list appear to work as expected on my VDx.
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    I can confirm both of those problems on my VDX.
    Instead of the "To Do", I typically use the "floating event" option because you can use the repeat feature (i.e. once a month mortgage payment, etc). I do not believe the To Do has a repeat option.

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