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    Just got a Treo650 and I'm looking for a 2GB sd card. I found these 2 deals:1) TwinMOS and 2) Patriot .

    The TwinMOS advertises speed as 10MB/s read and 8 MB/s write. The Patriot advertises as 133x and 100x read and write, respectively. I'm leaning towards the Patriot due to the warranty, but am curious which is faster. Is there some formula to translate MB/x into "x"s?

    Also, can the Treo really take advantage of higher-speed sd ram? I assumed faster cards were for speed-hungry devices like high-end digital cams, etc.

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    Thats' wierd. Usually the companies always give read/write speeds in their specs. Not listing them seems kinda fishy to me...
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