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    for work reasons it would be extremely helpful to create nested contact lists (in other words lists w/n lists w/n lists -- as in following Eg.

    Level 1: Work #ís
    ---Level 2: FRANCE
    ------Level 3: Government
    ---------Level 4: ministry of cheese
    -------------Level 5: smelly cheese division
    ---------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME A, division head
    ---------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME B, deputy division chief for smelly cheese
    -------------Level 5: runny cheese division
    ---------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME C, deputy Brie inspector
    -------Level 3: Private Sector
    ----------Level 4: Cafe Franchises
    -------------Level 5: Cafes Franchises in Paris
    ----------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME D, owner Le Chapeau Vert
    ----------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME E, owner Les Trois Oeufs
    ---Level 2: United Kingdom
    ------Level 3 : Government
    ----------Level 4: Ministry of Funny Walks
    --------------Level 5: Division of Limping
    -----------------Level 6: CONTACT NAME F, chief cane technician

    ok, hopefully you get the idea...

    Anyway, as far as I can tell itís not possible to do this in Agendus for Palm OS (or for windows, palm desktop edition). True, you can fill out custom fields 1 thru 9 Ė then group contacts according to a particular custom field Ė but thatís only according to 1 field Ė itís not true nesting.

    So my question: Is there some way to create nested contact lists in Agendus?

    If not, is there some other software out there that I could buy that would enable me to create nested contact lists (and which I could use on both my palm treo 650 and my dell laptop?) For eg. does Microsoft Outlook allow for nested contact lists?
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    Contacts 5 might have more robust linking of contacts.

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