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    I am looking for a database app to keep track of variables in several collections of mine (specialty books, camera lenses, etc.). My only requirement is that it can sync with my PC and have a relatively easy learning curve. MobileDB and HanDBase3 are the two that I've come across here in my search but not much commentary.
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    There's a Yahoo group for HanDBase, which is very active. I'm sure you can get answers there.

    Docs to Go has a Microsoft Access compatible database called SmartList to Go that will sync to Access on your PC.
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    I use MobileDB for my orders at work (garden centre). It works pretty well but there is no 5-way support and a few annoying glitches. I don't think they're supporting it very much any more. I like the Excel integration but you do have to pay extra for it unfortunately. I may have a look at HanDBase soon.

    Also, I think there is an open source alternative who's name I have stupidly forgotten.
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    Just found it. It's called Pilot-DB and you can download it here
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    I've used pilot-db for a couple of years ...... great app .......
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    Thanks everyone for their input. After a fairly extensive search I opted for SmartList which got a very nice review at popular databases compared and reviewed). I have found it stable and very easy to use.

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