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    Let's say you have a bunch of freinds belonging to the same activity group and you often have to send the same text ( SMS ) message to all of them.

    Right now in Treo you would have to send individual messages to each one of them by choosing each of their names.

    In most email clients you would create a distribution list which would contain multiple addresses.

    In most Nokia models you can create such lists ( groups ) of upto 10 addressees

    Is there any such option / plug in / workaround for Treo?

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    You can do this by creating a favorites button and seperating the phone numbers with commas.
    at the phone screen press 'Menu'
    press 'Edit Favorites Button'
    Select type as 'Message'
    Put whatever you want it knows as in 'Label'
    Click on the numbers and add (up to ten I think) and seperate with commas
    Hit ok.

    There should be a thread here that says the same thing...
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    Thanks for moving the thread Bill and AlbetB thanks for the response. I will try it out and see if it works.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    Tried and it works like a breeze.
    Many thanks.
    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.
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    There is always, too. Been using them for a few years for SMS groups, and they are great.
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    Look at post #5 here. It's a free app from Palm called Group Text Messaging.
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    Thanks brainmaas for pointing this out.
    I however found that the BitTorrent link in the above thread did not work. Did some Googling and found that it was available on Downloaded it from there and will see how it works.

    However there were some user comments that the sent SMS does not get saved in the sent folder by this app.

    Will get back with report.

    Thanks once again.

    *Probably* the first Treo user from Mumbai.

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