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    I just got my Flamingo, some comments:

    Silver colour matches the Treo 650 really well.

    Thanks to Cellpoint for tucking the blue LED away on the inside (head-facing) part of the headset so I'm not blinded by brilliant blue reflections when driving at night.

    Cradle is really nice...but a pain to carry around. USB charger cable is really needed and should be included...I have not found any stock in Europe anywhere.

    In use:

    Really does fit nicely in the ear, there's no pressure and it can be worn comfortably for hours. Major plus for me is it allows you to wear sunglasses and glasses because of the in-ear design. The Ear-Click design is fantastic, really and truly. It also does NOT block your regular ability to hear when worn which some people have complained the Plantronics 640 does.

    Little bit difficult to get used to - I have a little trouble getting it into my ear at the moment when a call comes in and I'm not wearing the headset. But I think that's a practice thing, or weird ears!

    The main button and volume buttons are well positioned and easy to get to with nice positive feedback, and nice audio feedback too. The main button is a little stiff, hard to press easily, out of the box, but is easing up already.

    Sound quality is amazing. I had the Treo headset and although the incoming quality was OK, the other party could barely hear me and the lack of full duplex cut off the first part of whatever I said. Disaster. The Flamingo is a HUGE improvement.

    The incoming audio volume and clarity is superb, you have to turn the volume down. Outgoing is also very clear, with nobody yet telling any difference between a call on the headset and without. A caveat is that I haven't used the Flamingo in windy conditions yet so can't comment on that.

    I couldn't find any comments as to whether the redial and call waiting functions work with the Treo when I was looking for reviews before buying - I can confirm that redial works (long press on volume up) and haven't tried call waiting yet but can only assume that as redial works that function should as well.

    Pairing was easy from the Treo headset wizard. No issues there and I haven't lost the pairing yet, although I never did with the Treo headset either.

    Call handoff is quick enough although not as quick as the Treo headset. Everything there works as advertised with calls being transferred as expected, both incoming and outgoing.

    So far I haven't had any of the standby issues reported by other Flamingo buyers (where the headset loses contact with the device and goes to sleep by itself) which results in a delay when answering a call.

    Battery life seems OK so far, general use since Friday, over the weekend, and not showing a low charge yet. Haven't timed it exactly though. Making it through an average weekend is my rule of thumb for acceptable battery life so I can leave chargers etc in the office. Passed that test.

    No static problems, except when I deliberately block line of sight with my arms...a few crackles but does not really interrupt the conversation.

    In short, this is probably the best headset I have used with any phone/device, and works very well with the Treo 650.

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    Just curious about the static. If you have the Treo on your belt or in a pocket, on the same side as the Treo, is there much static? This has been a problem with Every BT headset I have tried except for the HBH-662.

    Also, where did you get it from. They don't seem to be readily available.

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    I have my Treo in a Nutshell leather holster, on the right hand side (btw the Flamingo ONLY goes in your right ear...) and the static so far I have found to be minimal, and then only when my arm is directly between the two. Your firmware/software combination might be an issue firmware is 1.28 and software is 1.13 ROW.

    I got mine from and I believe they do the US too.

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    Thanks for the review. I have tried quite a few BT headsets and all but the HBH-662 have been very disappointing. Is anyone able to compare the Flamingo to the HBH-660/662? Since the Treo's BT implementation is kind of poor and inconsistent, it would be nice to have additional input.

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    I haven't had either of those but can say it knocks spots off the HBH-600 I also had previously...

    By the way for those who missed it, we should have new firmware (1.71) and software (1.20) coming within a few weeks. There's a big thread somewhere on it...

    One of the apparent fixes is to the BT stack/software which allows better and quicker connections.


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