I don't know if this has been discussed here or not, so excuse me if it has, but I would like to request a feature - would it be possible to add command shortcuts to the All Online, All Offline and Select All commands? I am thinking /A, /F and /S.

The reason I ask is that I have 4-5 IMAP mailboxes, but I usually keep them offline. Once in a while I go in, bring them all online, check messages, reply to some, and delete some. The Quicksync All command works good, but I have to do two Quicksyncs (one to bring down the mail, and another to send/delete the mail after I've worked with the messages that downloaded on the first Quicksync).

If I am not mistaken Delete Selected already has a shortcut (/D I think, dont have the phone right in front of me right now), so I could launch Chatter, do a /A to bring all mailboxes online, and while in my Summary View (which is AWESOME) scan and work with my messages, then do a /S to select them all (or select them individually), then a /D to delete the selected messages, and finally a /F to bring all mailboxes offline. I use TealScript which lets me do Graffiti on the screen, so I can do my command shortcuts right on the screen.

Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask! Thanks