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    Have an old t3 laying around. Can I beam or otherwise send (bluetooth?) web pages from my 650 to the t3? Was looking at a somewhat long web page on the treo (black friday ad) and thought it would be much better to view it on the t3 in landscape mode.

    Course my t3 reset itself yesterday while trying to put in on the base to charge so I need to set it up on my laptop.

    Had sync'd it before on my desktop but since updating to the 650 I'm not so sure I should try to sync two palm units to the same pc though I will ask that question in a different post.
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    I had a T3 for a while and I used to use it to surf the web via Bluetooth to my Nokia 6820. I would think you could set up the same type of connection to your 650 from the T3 and just directly browse to the pages.

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