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    One further recommendation: try using a Bluetooth or wired headset instead of holding the Treo up to your face ... if driving, set the treo up on your dash or by a window; if in the office set your treo where it gets the best signal.

    You should experience less dropped calls, without spending the money on an antenna.

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    I use this antenna mounted to the back of my house

    It is about 10 feet off the ground with a cable of 25 feet running to my desk in the basement. The results are dramatic. It goes from unuseable to useable.
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    John from Cell-Gear, whom I bought the antenna from says that "the bars on the Treo are not the true barometer of reception."

    Furthering that, I dropped a call twice in my fringe area w/o the antenna. Plugged it in and it worked perfectly for a 10 minute conversation.
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