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    Just curious. I'm thinking of asking my wife for the TomTom Nav 5 bundle for Christmas and was wondering how you charge it in your car on a long trip? I have only one cigarette port in my car. Do you just alternate between charging the Treo and the GPS? Seems like the logical thing to do, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

    As an aside; I wonder if cars in the future will start coming with more then one DC port since people now have portable GPS, cells phones, MP3 players, etc.
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    I'm lucky I've got two 12v DC outlets. However, there are many adapter options available that allow you to connect more than one device to a single outlet.
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    Most of the Star III bluetooth receivers have a battery life of around 10 hours
    Realistically, you could just keep your receiver charged before you go on trips and use your car charger for the phone since that is probably more prone to be low on battery. I'm assuming that you don't drive more than 10 hours a day, but if for instance you drive everywhere for work during the day, then you may want to get a cigarette charger splitter - I'm pretty sure there used to be one made by Radio Shack.

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