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    Here is the history...

    On my first laptop i would sync with the cable... I carry a charge/sync cable and that is how I charge my Treo 650. I also installed PDANet from June Fabrics and used my GPRS data service for my laptop. I could connect my laptop to the Internet using my Treo by cable or by bluetooth. Took a little configurin', but I had it goin'.

    Now I have a new laptop... I still sync/charge with the cable. I installed PDANet and the connection to the Internet using the cable worked like a champ. However, when I tried to estalish the connection voa Bluetooth I got an error code which means Pairing Failed.

    JuneFabrics offers little bluetooth support except that they say if you have trouble, make sure that the device can sync with the computer over bluetooth. So here I am, trying to sync over bluetooth

    The hotsync program on the Palm and the laptop allow me to choose various syncing options, NONE OF WHICH ARE BLUETOOTH.

    What is the basic setup to enable bluetooth syncing? Where should I be looking for this information?

    Thank you soooo much for help leading to the solution to this issue
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    Go to bluetooth on the Treo. Not through the preferences section but the program by itself. The tap on setup devices - you are given the option of HandsFree or HotSync setup.

    Have your manual for your BT dongle handy but the rest of it's pretty much step by step ala a handsfree config. Once this has been configured then your given a HotSync option similar to IR for BT hotsyncing but you first have to establish the pairing to your dongle. And you'll also have to have the PC set for Network Sync under the PC's hotsync setup. You can "check" this by clicking on the HotSync icon in systray and then check Network.

    That should just about do it.
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