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    I recently downloaded the trial version of the highly acclaimed Chattermail. It worked fine at first, then something fetched up in the program so I couldn't access the Verizon data network AT ALL, until I deleted Chatter. I may have another go at the trial version because I am desperate to get away from Versamail.

    One question that I have - everyone writes about how Chatter is "true" push email, yet when I configured it to my Yahoo account, it checks my server once every ten minutes. I think Versamail has the same option. How is this "push"? I must be missing something...
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    Chatter doesn't do push for POP3 accounts (nor is it claimed to). To see the full power of Chatter, you should get an IMAP account (and forward your Yahoo mail there).

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    Although (I can't speak for Verizon) you can get the next best thing: I have a copy of my work POP mail forwarded to my SprintPCS mail account, which automatically sends an SMS message to my Treo when it receives mail. Chatter then checks my work email account upon receipt of said SMS message, rather than on a set timer. The result is the closest thing to push mail that POP can offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas
    I must be missing something...
    Clearly I was missing something. Thanks!

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