I have absolutely no idea whether this will work, so thought I'd see if any of you guys can help... ...

I have a Nokia car kit installed. It works through the radio speakers and cuts the radio output when a call comes in allowing handsfree.

This kit was for my company mobile and I have since moved over to a Treo 650 which I love. I recently dismantled the redundant car kit holder, revealing about 5 wires. This may be a ridiculous thought (I am non-technical) however I am wondering whether, with a bit of tinkering it will be possible to connect my Treo 650 to use with the installed car kit?

I have the Treo 650 TomTom GPS bundle so have already installed the Treo holder. I also have a power lead from this bundle which could be linked to the installed power cable from the Nokia car kit. Finally, I have a spare treo handsfree headet which I could mutilate to provide a link from the phone to the installed leads. The handsfree lead must have the necessary wires inside it since it went to both earpiece and microphone.

Does anyone know if this is possible or will I risk blowing up my Treo or even the car???????

I don't have the colours of the wires on me now but if anyone can help, or has done this before I would love to hear from you. I haven't been able to get my hands on a Nokia installation guide so it's all been guess work so far - hence my nerves!

Thanks for reading.