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    I'm having a problem with my treo, every time I use Pocket Express 411, and try and save a contact info to the phone book, i get a soft rest. When I use ##377, this comes up

    DataMgr.c, Line:8898
    DM Write:
    DmWriteCheck failed

    I did a search, and found nothing about this. I reinstalled Pocket Express, and still the same. Don't know what to do now. Any ideas ???

    Sprint Treo 650 with 1.12 Update

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    Try this:
    1. Rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory (to, say, "backupold")
    2. Hard reset your Treo
    3. Hotsync. This'll load your PIM data, but none of your 3rd party apps or old preferences.
    4. Install your problem app.

    If it works correctly at that point, just manually install your other apps and data (currently residing in backupold).
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