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    I know it has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it. I have a 600 and I am going to 650. I need to know what to do with the Palm software on my computer. I remember having to rename some files and then install the new Palm software. Can someone help with the details? Thanks.
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    C:\program files\palmone (might be Handspring)\SR (or user name)\backup

    Rename this folder to backupold. This will save your "other" programs but allow for clean installation.

    Install the 650's desktop and when prompted for a user name - use the same one as the 600 provided you want the same PIM data to be on it. Do not ever sync the 600 back to this same computer until after you've hard reset it. Keep it handy though until your comformtable that all of your data has been brought over.

    After hotsyncing the 650 - you can then review the contents of the backupold directory for your other programs. I would recommend downloading new versions of any other programs that you want on the 650 rather than restoring them from this backupold file.

    That should get you up to speed. Don't load anything onto the 650 from this backupold that has "preferences" or mail in it's name. M2C.
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    Thank you very much.

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