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    A few months ago I bought a Treo 300 to replace my Battle torn 300.

    It had started showing the Hinge cracking but the nail in the coffin was the dime size blob on the display screen.

    So I got a "rebuild", that for some reason the rebuilders thought needed to be tinkered with. The Hinge had it's original marking scratched off (Handspring,Sprint,Other) and a dump "Digital" sticker applied over it... The Network log on no longer says "Welcome to Sprint" it now says "Welcome to Treo 300", AND when I want Sprint to Activate the Phone or restore default network settings they have had a hard time doing it.

    Basicly, I'm currently thinking of transplanting my rebuilt's good parts (Hinge and Screen) to replace my old 300's bad parts.

    Anyone have experience/directions for replacing the screen of a Treo 300? I've done the battery before so replacing the hinge isn't going to be hard. My big concern is with properly removing the Ribbon cables connecting the screen/keypad to the Cellphone half of the phone.

    Looks like if you aren't careful damage to those cables/connections would screw up your Treo fast.

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    This might help you... check this site
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    Thanks for the link. I'm comfortable up to step 10... However, Step 11 scares me and there really should be a Step 12, 13, etc...

    I'm thinking there should be a way to "swap" the entire Keyboard/Screen part of the Treo between phones... BUT I really don't want to have to take a Razor blade to my Treo if I can help it.

    Hopefully, I can just pop off the Ribbon Cable connectors and reconnect them after switching components.
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    I swapped in the display/touchpad/keyboard from a $10.50 broken eBay "parts Treo," and now my old Treo 300 is working well, once again.

    I couldn't figure out how to separate the keyboard from the display/touchpad. That whole assembly seems to be glued together. So I just swapped in the whole thing.

    It's too bad I couldn't get them apart, because I've now got an extra perfectly functional display & touchpad that someone might have a use for, but which is unusable because it is attached to a bad keyboard.

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    So... "It's ALIVE!!!"?

    Congradulations Doctor on a successful transplant operation.

    Still haven't gotten to doing that myself... but your pictures and details on removing the connectors/ribbons will be very helpful.

    I'll Frankenstein my old Sprint T300 with the good parts from my current "rebuild" T300 which has a few to many "tweaks" made by the "rebuilder" which is effecting my full use of the smartphone.

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