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    My 650 is chock full of apps, and it's now resetting a a half dozen times a day. it also has syncing problems. It's probably time to do a hard reset, start fresh and reinstall my apps, etc.

    What is the BEST and most PAINLESS way of doing this? What backup software - if any - should i use? Is there a procedure which makes installing the old apps (the ones i want to keep at least) easy enough? What about prefs on some of those apps? Don't need to keep all the prefs (hell those are probably causing problems) but things like email accounts in chatter i want to keep.

    Anyway, what's the best, most painless way?

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    Rename your backup folder to oldbackup. Hard reset. Reinstall apps one at a time and reconfigure and reregister them. IMO, better than using old prefs. Your old stuff will stay in the oldbackup folder.
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    Thanks - i thought maybe there was another/better way. How about stuff on the memory card. should i just leave it on or is there something i need to do to wipe that clean too - i.e. will erasing the mem card also help clear up problems?
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    If you have programs that run from your card, you may want to get rid of those...

    My reinstall method is certainly overkill, but when I start over I like to really start over. I copy my backup folder, then I remove all Palm apps on the PC. I search the registry for Palm and my username and delete all of those entries. In your case, I would probably back up my SD Card to the PC also, then wipe it clean. Think about how you have used your card and give it some practical structure for storage. After all that, reboot PC and hard reset Treo. Then I install from new. I install a backup program such as BackupBuddy that backs up to the SD Card. Install your apps slowly, test as you add them. If you are going to add something questionable, back up to your card first and if possible install the new app via your card, bluetooth, or some method other than syncing. That way if it isnt perfect, you just restore from your card backup. Every so often when you feel like your setup is going well, create a restore point so you can again go back to it if needed.

    Once again, this is probably overkill but I have installed/reinstalled many many computers and have become jaded I suppose. I really like to start with a clean clate if I am taking the time to reinstall anything major. Also, here is the obligatory disclaimer regarding the registry: Do it at your own risk and if you dont know what you are doing dont do it.

    Hope that helps.

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