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    I am headed off on an extended trip to Europe and Asia and I want to set up a blog for friends and family and blog from my 650. I want to be able to post text and pictures taken with the 650.

    I set up a blogger account at Google. This allows me to post text via email, but not pictures. I then linked in the Google moblog feature to post pictures via SMS. This would all work fine except that the picture posting via SMS does not work out of the United States.

    Any ideas here? Does some of the blogging software like mo:blog or hblogger work out of the country. Does it use SMS, email, or what as its underlying protocol? Splashblog looks easy enough but not enough support for text and I have to use splash's site.

    Anybody know of a simple blogging site that allows the use of email for both text posts and attaching pictures to email. Seems like email will be universal abroad.
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