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    Does anyone have a solution to the LOW speaker volume on the 650? If I'm driving in the car with the windows up I can barley hear the pearson talking if I have it on speaker...

    Please help
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    This is a very well known issue with the Treo 650. Volumecare is an app (a very popular one) that was made to deal with this very problem and gives u a lot of control over the Treo's sound.. be it the speaker, headset, mic etc...

    Volumecare Website:

    You could also check it out on palmgear, lots of user reviews:

    A very good article on volumecare a couple of months back on Treonauts and makes for an interesting read:

    The developer has his own sub-forum on Treocentral -

    A lot of interesting threads can be found by searching TC with the keyword "volumecare" -

    A lot of issues related to the incoming and outgoing sounds have been rectified in the most recent firmwares. Check if you have the latest fimrware installed on your phone.

    To check the firmware installed on ur phone: from the main phone screen, push the menu button; select options>phone info

    Check if there is a new firmware out:

    You might already know most of the above things.. but posted them just in case u didn't. One suggestion though, this ain't a particularly "friendly" forum and it's best advised to try a simple search before starting a new thread. Like in this case a search for "low speaker volume" should have yielded some interesting results.

    Good luck solving ur phone issues...

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