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    Just got the 650 two weeks ago, and have had nothing but problems with Versamail...Folks at Sprint store gave me a fix for the crashing/reset problem which worked...Crashes stopped, but after just a couple of days of peaceful e-mailing, the system can no longer connect to mail server..Just times out...Tried creating a new account, but that only worked ac ouple of times...Besides, shouldn't have to recreate a new account everytime I want e-mail...Even the Sprint guy said that Versamail had issues...SOOOO, is there ANYTHING better that does work??? Help!
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    Chatter or Snappermail. Search and ye shall find
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    That's VersaCrap for ya! Snappermail and Chatter are the best, just decided if you need Push Email or not.....
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    If you are having connection issues it is unlikely a versamail issue. It might be an issue with your data service speed. I think you can extend the Time Out within versamail. I use Versamail all the time and have done so for the last 2 years. It has improved dramatically since the Treo 600 version and while I have tried both snapper and chatter, I couldn't see the value in paying $30+ for a new application.
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    Are you able to get any data connectivity? IE browse websites and etc... If no, just do a soft reset. I had this happen to me before and after the soft reset everything worked great.

    One other thing to check is that your ISP didn't change security settings etc...
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    I've tried quite a few. I starting with VersaMail using activesync with Exchange. Most other programs were better. Chatter is the one I use.
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    I have Chatter and Snapper, and they are both great, but Chatter's push email (using the IMAP IDLE command) is fantastic, and at the moment you get 6 months free IMAP mail to try it out when you buy. Can't beat that.
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    I just downloaded & installed Chatter today and I LOVE IT. I've been using it with my Gmail account, and I couldn't be happier. I'm now using it as my default e-mail application.
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    I spent an hour in the Sprint Store yesterday regarding this issue...Versamail worked like a charm the first time the tech tried to get my mail - just my luck, as it was the first time in 8 hours that it did work...Didn't last long, as the next half dozen tries timed out...No problem web surfing, just getting it to connect...Convinced them to pay for a third party application...Sounds like Chatter is the way to go...Thanks again to everyone...
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    um chatter
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    Hello Guido31,

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