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    I had a brain cramp and decided to install tomtom navigtor 5 on my palm. The install froze, so I cancelled the setup. Now I can't hotsync. I tried resetting my palm, still no luck. I tried deletigg the three new files I installed today from the palm, still no hotsync. Still get error that says that connection between handheld and computer could not be established.

    Does anyone know how to revert back to the old backup files before the hotsync that messed up the OS.

    I'm in troublee.....
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    My situation is even worse.........

    I did a hard reset, and still no hotsync. I install new desktop software and now ALL my date is GONE!!!!!!!! GONE!!!!!! I can barely breathe. Can someone please help me out of this mess. I NEED MY OLD DATEBOOK AND data back!!!!!!
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    Can you see your old data in Outlook or palm desktop?

    All your data is saved in program files\palm\hotsync id\

    Where hotsync id is an 7 letter version of your hotsync id.

    Have you still got all data there?

    Sometimes there is a problem in the connection between the treo & hotsync cable. do a search on this forum & you will find lots on it.
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