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    Hi visor-family

    I am looking for a suitable NiMh battery prog.
    I found something which was ideal, enabling me to change from alkaline to NIcd to NiMh ... then read that it only supported os 3.5 - being a new VDX user I am also thinking that I have made an err in judgement by buying something that couldnt be "upgraded"

    (also any info on freeware/shareware progs that I can try would be gr8t!)

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    Buried in the Palm API is a semi-unsupported call SysBatteryInfo, that can be used to set the battery type, the critical Voltage and Warn Voltage. All such an application does is make use of this call. However support for NiMH did not appear in this call until PalmOS v3.3. It is generally felt that the settings for NiCad is close enough (similar discharge profiles, just NiMH has roughly twice the capacity). Therefore if you can find a similar program that does run under v3.1 (I have seen several), you could use the NiCad setting and you should be fine. However, if all you are going to change is the battery type, then you can do this with out a separate program. Simple enter, ":shortcut: . 7" in memo pad or any other program with a text field. Each time you do, the system will change the battery type and display the battery type it just changed it to.
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    thanks for the reply


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