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    Hey All

    I'm New to the Treo 650/Palm OS thing. I've heard, when setting up your SD cards you need to make Folders for the different things you want to put on it so the Treo 650 can see it.

    First after Formatting on your Treo 650, make Folders for different things(Music, Pictures, Video...). Do you make the Folders on the Treo 650 or a Card Reader ???

    Second what are the Names to use for the Folders(Pictures, Video, Music, and Programs),so the Treo 650 can see them???

    I'll be doing this on a Kingston High Speed 1gb SD card.

    How Long does it take to Format a 1gb SD card on my Treo 650, can I do this Without AC Power to My Treo 650 without running out of Battery ???


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    I usually format the card on the Treo. Then using a card reader, make a Palm directory and one below that called Launcher. /Palm/Launcher is where you copy palm applications and data files including movie files. Make a directory call Audio on the root of the card and put your mp3 files there, I organize mine by artist and sometimes by album. Hope this helps! I have a 2 gb card and it is pretty full right now!
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    Hey z3bum


    Can you put a 1.2gb Movie in there(where the Movies go)or are you limited to a Max Size. If a Max Size is used what is it???

    What 2gb SD are you using(Brand and Speed)??? Any Problems???

    Thanks Again!!!

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    Here are the default palm dir:

    /Audio for music
    /Video for TCPMP
    /Palm/Launcher for default install to card
    /palm/programs/zlauncher/apps for default zlauncher app folder
    /DCIM for pics
    /palm/blazer/download for default blazer file downloads
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    Hey gfunkmagic

    Great Thanks!!!

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    Sorry, I'm stupic; I know how to format the card, but how do you dreate the dirrectories?
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    Forgive my ineptitude; I know how to format the card on the Treo, but I don't know how to create the directory (so I can put movies on) Thanks
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    On the Treo, I use FileZ

    I also have CardExportII that presents the Treo SD card to the PC as a USB drive

    There is another utility (Palm File Browser ?) that presents the Treo and the SD card as USB drives.

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