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    I have a Verizon Treo 650 and IN messaging service. My girlfriend has a regular samsung picture phone, also with IN messaging service. If I take a picture on my treo and try to send it to her through MMS, I get the message invalid MMS address. No matter how I format her number. If she takes a picture on her samsung phone and sends it to me, I get a standard SMS message from Verizon saying to visit to view it. Then I have to get on the internet, log in, and view the picture there. Is there something stupid that I'm missing as to why these two phones on the same service can't easily send pictures back and forth? She's sent hundreds of picture messages to her friends with regular camera phones in the past. Did Palm do something weird with their MMS program? I tried to contact Verizon, but they weren't much help.
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    Man I wish someone could answer this for me too! Now I can get pictures on my Verizon Treo no problem. I can send them to email addresses, no problem. But I can't send them to my wife's T-Mobile Razor. She doesn't even get a notifictation of any sort. SMS no problem.

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