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    It has been about two weeks since I updated my Verizon Treo 650 to the latest firmware (1.04)..

    Before the update - I really had no problems with locking up or strange behavior.. only the commomly discussed performance issues (slow to turn on, etc)

    Since the update, one day I found my phone locking up - the green light would be blinking away like normal, but I could not 'turn on' the treo.. and if the phone got a call during this locked up state, it went right into voicemail. A soft reset would clear things up for a couple hours. Eventually I realized that if I reset the device, but did not turn on the 'Phone' itself, the Treo would not lock up. Eventually I did the hard reset thing - and all appeared to be resolved.. for about 10 days.

    Today - I found my phone locked up again exhibiting the same symptoms..

    Has anyone found a way to resolve this (i.e. delay it from happening again for more than a few days) without a Hard Reset???

    Thanks in advance..
    - Sean

    Verizon Treo 650
    - Versamail for Exchange Mail & Calendar / Yahoo / GMail
    - VZN Wireless Sync for my Exchange contacts..
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    this is why i never "upgraded" from 1.03. "if it ain't broke..."
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    Does anyone have any thoughts on this???

    Since I posted this last week, I saw the following behavour - any time I soft reset the phone (either via battery removal or via the reset button), within 10 minutes or so it would lock up again. Right after one reset, I used the phone for a 10 minute call, and the phone was fine until today.. all weekend - no problems??

    Today back to the same lock up behaviour - only when the phone is on..

    Any suggestions on utilities I can try to use, run, etc.. thx!
    - Sean

    Verizon Treo 650
    - Versamail for Exchange Mail & Calendar / Yahoo / GMail
    - VZN Wireless Sync for my Exchange contacts..
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    there is a fix; i've found it before it requires the program fileZ and removing about 8 entries; i must have downloaded some mail to versamail and i forgot which ones .... keep looking and be careful; there are malicious websites so stay on treo/palm websites and forums!!!!
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    I upgraded right after I got my Treo, it had 1.03 on it. I didn't really use it when it had 1.03 but now that I have upgraded I am getting a lot of random resets, most of them seem to be when my data is on but I have had a few when data wasn't active. Also the Verizon Wireless banner is missing?
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    My phone does this also. Seems like everything will be fine for a couple weeks and then all the sudden its starts doing exactly what your talking about. Soon as i turn the phone on and the screen turns black because of inactivity it wont turn back on till a soft reset. It will keep doing until i do a hard reset. Once i do the hard reset everything is fine for a week or so and then it will do it again........ Sucks.... would be nice to know whats causing it.

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